Pallas Woodworks

Old world craftsmanship is fast becoming a lost art, but the demand for custom handcrafted work has remained strong. There are numerous high-end homes being built in the United States today, and their owners are aggressively pursuing an elevated quality for their architectural interiors, cabinetry, and furniture.

Existing production cabinetry and furniture lines lack the required quality, style, and scale to meet the requirements of this niche market. Designers, architects, and builders face the challenges of interpreting their client’s aspirations and bringing them to fruition. Most of these professionals struggle to realize these subjective elements, balancing aesthetics, function and cost objectives.

Pallas offers a process that facilitates this challenge. With a talented design staff and craftsmen, we empower our clients by providing timely conceptual sketches for use in their meetings with their clientele. These drawings are presentation worthy and provide a starting point with multiple options and price parameters for their consideration. After receiving feedback, revisions are refined to shop drawings that are accurate for production and submittal for final approvals. Finish samples (and sometimes mock-ups) are also refined until approval. This collaboration, combined with our ability to execute on the production end, has distinguished Pallas in our trade and has inspired loyalty from our professional clientele.

The President of Pallas, Greg Schragin, has decades of exposure to design and fine craftsmanship since a youth working for his father (Gregor, of Gregor’s Studios). Starting in the mid 70’s, Greg was surrounded by cabinetmakers, carvers, and finishers who were producing exceptional furniture reproductions as they were made in the 18th century. He did a tenuous apprenticeship that began with sweeping floors, lingered in sanding, and culminated into a multi-year stint as the Lead Designer and General Manager.

Pallas Architectural Woodworks, based on a family name, was founded in 1999.